KCRC Park Flyer Membership

It’s easy!

Parkflyer Membership Applicants are limited to models that weigh less than 2 pounds with a top speed of less than 60 mph.

At the time of application, you will be required to provide proof of:

  • AMA Park Pilot Membership
  • FAA sUAS registration certificate (KCRC Park Flyers will only need to apply for the FAA sUAS certificate if they intend to fly models that weigh more than 0.55 pounds).
  • AMA/FAA TRUST pilot test completion certificate.

FAA number shall be visible on all aircraft over 2 pounds flown at the field.

All members shall have their Club membership, AMA Park Pilot membership, and FAA sUAS registration (if applicable) in their possession when operating aircraft at the KCRC site.