October Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 663rd Meeting of the Keystone Clippers Model Aircraft Club

AMA Charter 553

Sunday October 25, 2020

The 663rd meeting of the Keystone Clippers was held at the field at 12:00 pm and called to order by President Mike Shepherd with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There were 3 regular members and 4 Officers present. A quorum of 9 members – 2 officers and 7 members at large is required by the By-Laws to conduct Club business, so this meeting is for membership information.



Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was given by Jerry Thomas. The members present recommended paying all regular monthly bills. The October report will be available for review at the November meeting.



Field Report

The field is in excellent condition.

Old Business

Last month the Club was offered a Porta Jon free of charge but unfortunately there were complications getting it cleaned out, sanitized, and delivered to the field. The members present suggested reverting to the previous vendor which will be voted upon at the January meeting.

Tree cutting around the pavilion is deferred until Spring 2021

New Business

Jerry suggested ending a check to the Rillton fire dept for $100.

Need to elect Club officers but we don’t have enough members present to nominate candidates – all positions are open.

Show and Tell

The meeting concluded at 12:50 pm.

Eric R Haberman, Secretary KCRC