August Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 661st Meeting of the Keystone Clippers Model Aircraft Club

AMA Charter 553

Sunday August 30, 2020

The 661st meeting of the Keystone Clippers was held at the field at 12:30 pm and called to order by President Mike Shepherd with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There were 9 regular members and 4 Officers present.


Greg Lowry gave his 2nd reading.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was given by Jerry Thomas and approved by the membership. A motion to pay the bills was made and seconded. Chevron July check has not been received; Jerry will inquire about the status.


We were informed that long time member Bruce Heckel passed away on Saturday August 8th. KCRC will be sending a donation to the Level Green United Presbyterian Church in remembrance of Bruce.

Field Report

The field is in good condition. No equipment problems to report.

President Mike Shepherd has contacted a vendor who will provide a quote for the following options: 1) topping all trees to ½ height, 2) topping 4 trees and completely removing the tree across from the pavilion, or 3) removing all 5 trees and grinding the stumps. Mike will have the quote for the September meeting.

Jerry purchased an aggressive weed removing attachment for the weed-wacker to address the weed growth problem in the driveway and parking lot. 

Old Business

Reminder – FAA registration is up at year end – please go on-line to renew.

New Business

Jerry Thomas suggested a change of venue for the KCRC 2020 Christmas party. He recommended the banquet room at Jade Catering on Rt 22 in Murrysville. The membership agreed that the tentative date should be the first Sunday in December. Jerry will make contact with the owner to determine what dates would be available and report back at the September meeting.

Mike will contact the Circleville United Methodist Church about continuing Club meetings in the basement room and will report at the September meeting.

The September meeting and final picnic of the season will be held at the field on Sunday September 27th. Notification will be issued to the membership one week prior to the meeting.

Show and Tell

The E-Flite Valiant 1.3m Bind n Fly previously owned by Jerry Thomas was auctioned at the close of the meeting. Alan Stanoszek had the winning ticket. A Dynam Devil 3D will be auctioned at the September meeting.

A motion to adjourn concluded the meeting at 12:50 pm.

Eric R Haberman, Secretary KCRC