January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 643rd Meeting of the Keystone Clippers Model Aircraft Club

AMA Charter 553

Monday January 28, 2019

The 643rd meeting of the Keystone Clippers was held at the Circleville United Methodist Church at 7:00 pm and called to order by President Mike Shepherd with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There were 10 regular members and 4 Officers present.


We had one prospective member. Nick Garuccio paid his dues and gave his first reading.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was given by Jerry Thomas and approved by the membership. A motion to pay the bills was made and seconded.


We were sad to report the passing of Club member George Dunne. George had been a member of Keystone Clippers since 2016. A floral arrangement was sent by the Club to the Snyder Funeral Home in Irwin.

Field Report

Field in is good condition and still flyable for those who want to take advantage of the mild weather. Please remember to lock the front gate upon entering and exiting the property.

Old Business

The annual Christmas party at the Norwin ELKS on December 2nd was as once again a huge success. Thanks to the Club members who donated their time to organize the party and to the ELKS staff for having the room decorated in time for our event.

New Business

Jerry Thomas and Eric Haberman are continuing to investigate grass clipping vacuum systems for use on the runway this year. Labuda carries Trac-Vac which is similar to the Cyclone Rake. Another option that might be worth a try is Gator blades which effectively re-cut clippings into a fine mulch. We will report on these and other systems at the February meeting.

The Club voted unanimously to continue with 4 family picnics/fun fly, the dates are June 23   July 21, August 18, and September 15. This year, the Club will only provide hotdogs, hamburgers, condiments, and bottled water. Members are responsible for beverages other than water, and please bring a covered dish or dessert as usual.

The Treasurer’s ledger will be audited internally by Rich Kucera, Andy Levino, and Bill Pilesi and findings will be reported at the February meeting. File date for our taxes is March 15.

Show and Tell

Curt Hughes displayed a 1/13 scale Freewing F-22 Raptor from Motion RC. The jet is EPO foam, has a 42” wingspan, pre-painted and detailed, and requires a 6 channel transmitter. The model aircraft features a mixture of sharp panel lines, graduated paintwork, and realistic decals. All up weight is 10 lbs. The Deluxe 8S version features a 90mm 12 blade impeller, also molded as a single unit and factory balanced, mounted to a 4075-1390kV in-runner brushless motor and 150A ESC. Inside the fuse is a multifunction board that acts as a power distribution system for the control surfaces. Trailing link landing gear provides smooth take offs and landings on grass. Flight time is 3 to 5 minutes.

Curt will be using an 8 cell LiPo and may elect to run two (2) four cell LiPos in series. He added that you can use a combination of batteries to achieve the number of cells required by the power system (voltage) but stressed to the Club that the mAh (current) rating must be identical for each battery used in series (i.e. both batteries must be 4000 mAh each). Thanks Curt.

A motion to adjourn concluded the meeting at 7:34 pm.

Eric R Haberman, Secretary KCRC

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