May Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 636th Meeting of the Keystone Clippers Model Aircraft Club

AMA Charter 553

Monday June 4, 2018

The 636th meeting of the Keystone Clippers was held at the field at 7:00 pm and called to order by President Mike Shepherd with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There were 11 regular members and 5 Officers present.


Mark Scheatzle gave his second reading.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was given by Jerry Thomas and approved by the membership. A motion to pay the bills was made and seconded.



Field Report

Eric Haberman reported that the flying field and property are in excellent condition. He reviewed the cutting plan with the grass cutting crews. The purpose of the review was to modify the cutting strategy in an attempt to decrease the amount of clipping left on the north and south fields, to decrease the amount of sweeping required on the runway and pits, and to conserve gasoline. To summarize: the runway and pits should be cut no higher than 1 ½”, and the remainder of the property between 2 ½” – 3”. Fields should be cut treeline to treeline. Two full containers of gasoline (10 gallons) should be on-hand for the next crew after the tractor tanks have been filled.

Old Business

Ron Steban volunteered to find a contractor to repair the gutter on the north side of the pavilion.

The second work party was held on Saturday June 2 to install the new entrance gate Members who participated were Mike Shepherd, Bo Kwasny, Eric Haberman, Jerry Thomas, Dave Popovic, Joe DiMeo, and Dan Berti. Sam Scozzaro volunteered to prime the gate for paint.

Eric Haberman received a quote from landscaper Bill Bush of $2480 for 18 yards of fill and topsoil on the left side of the driveway from the bend to approximately 100 ft beyond the end of the new pavement, and to reduce the slope in front of the KCRC sign. The work includes grading, grass seed and fertilizer. A motion was made and seconded to have this work completed as soon as possible.

Jim Stuart from Advanced Turf Solutions was contacted to evaluate our requirement for liquid fertilizer and insect spray based on the runway and pits area. An appointment will be scheduled

New Business


Show and Tell


A motion to adjourn concluded the meeting at 7:25 pm.

Eric R Haberman, Secretary KCRC-MAC

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