November Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 631st Meeting of the Keystone Clippers Model Aircraft Club

AMA Charter 553

Monday November 27,  2017

The 631st meeting of the Keystone Clippers was held at the Circleville United Methodist Church at 7:00 pm and called to order by President Ray Hurley with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. There were 15 regular members and 5 Officers present. The October Windicator was approved by the membership as published.

Dale Spoonhoward rejoined the Club and paid dues for 2018.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s report was given by Jerry Thomas and approved by the membership.



 Field Report

Eric Haberman reported that he, Bill Pilesi, and Bo Kwasny met Jim Stouffer at the field on November 4 to review his initial quote on paving the driveway. After some discussion on erosion issues, we decided to extend the original quoted length of 120’ to 190’. This would allow tie-in to the solid, straight portion of the existing driveway about 70’ past the bend. Jim estimated the new length at $5100. An email was sent to the Advisory Committee later that afternoon requesting additional funding and was unanimously decided to proceed. Equipment was staged at the field on November 20th and paving was completed on the 22nd.

Both tractors were serviced by Labuda on November 13 and returned on the 15th.

Old Business

Eric Haberman reported that after he and Bo Kwasny cleaned out and inventoried the second sea-land container, there is no need to purchase an additional container at this time. The clean container is now half full and can be accessed from front to back.

Reminder – the annual KCRC Christmas party will be held at the Norwin ELKS on December 10th. The deadline to mail in your reservation and check is November 15th.  There are 20 paid members so far, with a target of 45.

At the October meeting the Nominating Committee consisting of Joe DiMeo, Bo Kwasny and Jim Kealey made the following recommendations for 2018 Club Officers The nominations were Mike Shepherd for President, Bo Kwasny for Vice President, Eric Haberman for Secretary, and Jerry Thomas for Treasurer.  Nominations for the Advisory Committee were Joe DiMeo, Jim Kealey and Michelle Kwasny. Voting for these candidates was held at the November 25th meeting by secret ballot and were unanimously approved by the membership.

Reminder that Club dues are payable up until December 31. Unpaid dues will be assessed a $25 late fee so get them in by the end of the year. The Club was also reminded that AMA dues for 2018 are also due by the end of the year.

New Business

The Club will send a $100 donation to the Rillton VFD.

A Club check for $150 will be sent to the Circleville United Methodist Church to renew the rental fee for 2018.

Show and Tell

Curt Hughes presented his Sig SeaGull P-47G Razonback “SNAFU” at the meeting.; it has a 63” wingspan by 52” length and comes with retracts and oleos. The models graphics are representative of the Duxford livery and include invasion stripes. It’s a 60 size plane with an all-up-weight of 10 pounds. Curt chose a 300kv electric motor, Castle Creations Talon 90 ESC and a 6 cell lipo.

He continued his discussion on electric power systems with “Understanding Watts”.

A motion to adjourn concluded the meeting at 7:56 pm.

Eric R Haberman, Secretary KCRC-MAC

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